Real Name?
S——-  McNamara. :P


How long have you been playing WoW?
2007/2008? Started out playing on my brother’s account before I finally made my own.

What race/class/level is your character?

Worgen Hunter 85
Blood Elf Death Knight 85
Tauren Hunter 82
Goblin Rogue 72
Troll Death knight 58
Goblin Death Knight 56
Draenei Death Knight 55
Blood Elf Paladin 40
Draenei Priest 38
Undead Warlock 30
Blood Elf Mage 30
Worgen Hunter 30
Night Elf Druid 27
Goblin Rogue 25
Dwarf Rogue 23
Human Paladin 23
Goblin Shaman 21
Draenei Hunter 21
Gnome Rogue 20
Human Paladin 17
Human Paladin 16
Orc Warrior 13
Troll Shaman 9
Undead Rogue 9
Night Elf Rogue 8
Draenei Shaman 6
Human Priest 5
Goblin Warrior 1
Human Warrior 1

Not even all of them. I have a bunch of 1’s-10’s that are pretty much derp alts for banking. I also have some on my brother’s account, but his isn’t active and I can’t log on to see what they are.

What’s the name of your guild?
Dragon’s Creed (Mine), Dark Valor Reserves (Mine, 2 servers), Lurid Passion (Mine), The Other Side (Either Dogslug’s, Ninjashark’s, or one of their friend’s guild. Can’t remember, but my druid’s in it), Stormwind Guards (Not mine. On Feathermoon and my paladin there is in it), Bank of Thistlewood (Mine. Obviously bank alt. Named after my Tauren hunter because that used to be my main), Potential (Not mine), Mean Green Mothers (Not mine)

What’s your character’s name and where did you come up with the name? 
Mostly from behindthename.com or google. A couple of them are combined names. A few of them is my username, and others are Videogame references (mostly rp surname kind of stuff). One is a random name my friend made up (Taviena) to play on my account sometimes). Another one I got from a friend because she was deleting her alt but wanted someone to keep the name since she had it for years (End)

Kalooeh, Kieira, Attley, Kal, Tacopo, End, Niraali, Hikiji, Kulii, Taviena, Kegaisu, Moriliin (Used to be Cardea on Feathermoon), Brushstalker, Gridt, Janble, Tuuliki, Armida, Mairiku, Adalina, Shulorgra, Sinifaie, Althaia, Piv, Ornella

Which realm do you play in? 
US servers

Wyrmrest Accord (Main)
Feathermoon (Old Main)
Sisters of Elune (Considered making main when moving off FM and had some alts there)
Moonguard (Mostly for a twitter project. Alts of main on WRA)
Cairne (From when it was first made. Some friends wanted to start a new server and everything, but like butts they lost interest soon after)
Echo Isles (From around when I first joined because of brother)

Shadow Council (Mostly Low level name savers for if I ever play there)
Kirin Tor (Mostly Low level name savers for if I ever play there)
Farstriders (Mostly Low level name savers for if I ever play there)

What is your talent specialization? 
Oh gods, don’t make me look them all up. I don’t want to.

Do you have any pets/mounts/companions? 

I have a looooooot. I’m not looking at them all. Screw that
Got my deer on my worgen hunter though

Which professions do you know? 
Mostly Eng/Mining. Also Alchemy. Working on leveling those on a few alts, but mostly low level.  Pretty much have everything though, just low leveled. My 2 tailors are fairly highish anyways… for being in the 30’s

Do you PvP? 
I used to more when I first started. Less after I got to higher levels. I’m kinda retarded on anything other than my paladin (40, hurr. Kinda stopped after that because I was all twinked out for 39 but accidently leveled during Hallow’s end. Didn’t want to gear all out again :<) and dk

Will you help me with quests/dungeons if I find you in-game?
Sure, if I’m not -too- busy… and depending on the level for a server (Like Sisters of Elune, my highest is the 40 paladin. I have a dk on Feathermoon [56] so higher one again, but mostly I just have left behind low levels. The 85-70’s are on WRA though). If I’m mostly sitting around or light rping with nothing really serious I could help.

My guild Alli-side on WRA is almost level 2 (97%?), so then you could probably use it for leveling you alt if you’re not in a guild already. Horde still has a bit to go :(