Class/addon question

What would be a good addon for my healy priest?

I don’t use a whole lot of addons actually

Just MyRolePlay, Totalrp2, Tongues, DBM, Recount, Moglt, GHI, Enchantrix, Atlas Loot, Auctioneer, and Npcscan

I had other ones, but it’s on my old computer and wasn’t much besides basic stuff

So since I’ve been raising a healer instead of dps like usual (fuck tanking. I tried it and I don’t like it. I do however love healing [mostly.. at least on priests]) and a lot of people talking about using an AI or certain addons for healing (Though this shaman I know doesn’t use crap and she’s still amazing) I was wondering what the best ones were for priests

and Shamans. Not doing shaman healing until I level him more so just enhancement for now, but still

Also is there much difference between the gear for holy and disc? Right now I’m just Disc and from what I’ve read I don’t really need holy until I get to higher dungeons/raids. Can’t find a whole lot of clear stuff for gear though and want to know what to gear for when I get to that point