Pink Zebra Ninja Shoes

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Yesterday my mom posted a picture on Facebook of my 5 year old brother Sam wearing a pair of shoes he picked out for his first day of preschool.

She explained to him in the store that they were really made for girls. Sam then told her that he didn’t care and that “ninjas can wear pink shoes too.”

Sam went to preschool and got several compliments on his new shoes. Not one kid said anything negative toward him about it. 

However, my mom received about 20 comments on the photo from various family members saying how “wrong” it is and how “things like this will affect him socially” and, put most eloquently by my great aunt, “that shit will turn him gay.” 

My mom then deleted the photo and told Sam that he can wear whatever he wants to preschool, that it’s his decision. If he wants to wear pink shoes, he can wear pink shoes.

Sam then explained to her that he didn’t like them because they were pink, he liked them because they were “made out of zebras” and zebras are his favorite animal :)

Litmits. Where are they nowadays? Learn to say no to your kids.

If they wanna make choices, let them made after they’re grown.

You let them make age appropriate choices. There’s nothing wrong with letting the kid pick what kind of shoes they want to wear unless it’s something like sandals in the middle of winter.

Seriously, you plan on completely controlling your kid until they hit 18? Yeah I’m sure they’d be perfectly well adjusted out in the real world making their own decisions when they’ve grown up having all of their choices/decisions made for them by their parents