Rp servers

It’s interesting to see how many people get pissed off at people arguing with them when they’re in character.

Yesterday some guy came after someone else I was rp’ing with because she attacked him earlier and he wanted to get an apology from her, but everyone else in the group starting freaking out and considered reporting him for harrassment, even though I pointed out several times it’s not harrassment because he’s roleplaying, and there are actual people that act like this

Today, was in the Cathedral Square in Stormwind and there was some gnome giving people fashion advice. Well I struck up a conversation with someone about how the gnome with pink hair and bright purple clothes can’t really be taken seriously and also how it’s disrespectful to the church, and the guy freaks out about having to deal with paragraphs of the shit like what I was saying. I’m not going to talk/post in small sentences, I can’t help it if he has a small chat window and he quickly losing what other people say in the frame.
This stuff can easily be fixed so he doesn’t lose what people say, and just like in real life, there’s going to be people who disagree with him.

People, if you’re going to rp, you need to realize this.
Stop taking what someone says in character so seriously.
Sure, someone may actually have that opinion, or they may not. I have a lot of different characters. Some shy, some bold and bitchy, one cares nothing for the environment, one’s a total nature nutter.

Point is, it’s Roleplay. It’s a form of acting. It’s good to really get into character, but if you can’t separate yourself from it, then you probably shouldn’t be rp’ing in the first place.
Also, you may lose what someone says to you, but that happens since you have to go through text. Even if you were talking, voices would get drowned out by others.