Ok guys, it’s my turn to ask tumblr for help with some vet bills

My baby Kimmo got out last night some how and we found him this morning mewling like a kitten and cowering under the ferns and he could barely walk. When she picked him up he was just howling with the pain. We still have to wait for another damn hour before any vet hospitals even open today, so we don’t know what’s wrong yet or even how much it’s going to cost yet.

Mom says right now it feels like his front leg may be broken and his side hurts even from light touches, and he’s going to need xrays and all these other things that we’re going to have a lot of trouble paying for and we think it’s going to cost us at least a thousand dollars or so.

Even if you can’t help please at least reblog for help getting this around and help us find people who can help

I set up a Donation page on my paypal for him and my paypal email is Gamekal@yahoo.com