Actually anyone I know still have their pokemon games? I can’t find my x so I’m considering just starting over on my Y since it was just a character game anyways for Dei.

Don’t have a whole lot of pokemon on the game (Well… decent amount. Maybe 3 boxes now, not counting the boxes full of eggs was gonna WT), so wanna know if there’s any really patient people that’d be willing to take the pokemon I wanna save and hold them for me until I can take them in the new game. Mostly looking for people already know rather than strangers willing to help, because I’m paranoid (Sorry)
I know, why dont I just wait and see if I can find the cartridge? Well been missing for a few months and I’ve cleaned my room several times by now, so figure mom probably tossed it at one point during a gutting/”cleaning”. Sucks cause at the point where beat the elite four with Dei, but not too into doing more stuff that I want to that’d be out of character, cause I’m a dork.


Trying to figure out what to breed next…. probably purrloins if can get the foreign ditto
Otherwise list is (and noting I don’t know how easy or hard shit is to get in game or whatever, just listing)

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Torchic, Mudkip, Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin, Cyndaquil, Eevee, Spritzee, Mawile, Emolga, Ralts, Purrloin, Zorua, Minccino, Phantump, Growlithe, Poliwag, Abra (willing to level/evolve), Gastly/Haunter, Slowpoke, Doduo, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Horsea, Scyther, Pincer, Magikarp, Snorlax, Dratini, Mareep, Teddiursa, Swinub, Larvita, Shroomish, Nincada, Corphish, Lileep, Baton, Beldum, Sheildon, Combee, Skorupi, Timburr, Petilil, Sandile, Ferroseed, Pawniard, Larvesta, Tyrunt, Pumpkaboo

Mostly I guess let me know what you’d all like to see most dumped in the. Wondertrade, or if you. Wanna trade me for something specific for gender and can name it, let me know too. Won’t breed for perfect iv, but can at least make sure it’s at least decent/pretty good with stats if you want too. Just tell me what kind of stuff you want or if you don’t care and just want one for pokedex/breeding base.

Not picky for what I get back. Just seeking pkm I don’t have or to add to the pokedex.
I gotta sleep now though so I will check messages when up

Need a foreign ditto. Don’t think Jpn one is needed necessarily, but need a ditto from somewhere other than the U.S. or English speaking place apparently. Can give you an egg of something I can breed. Though don’t have a whole lot of pkm on the game. Not sure where my main game cartridge went ;(
Let me know if you have one can trade me?

I looked at the twitch plays pkm or whatever it was called

and honestly I don’t really get the obsession with it or what’s going on

Just a lot of chat spam and random moving in one area?

Uh… ok I guess. Have fun with that

Ok so I’m getting A LOT of pokemon from japan or some place in chinaright now
Aka all the damn pokemon I am getting is from there
And then I realized it’s probably because it’s 5.30 am here

Maybe I should switch to Dei and see if I can get a ditto

Is anyone else getting the issue where they can’t get work at Richissime or get lotto tickets (Or do any of the other stuff that you can normally do once a day)? For the last few days it keeps telling me I can’t get another ticket because I “already got one”, and for the hotel jobs it says I finished all my jobs for the day, even though I know I havn’t, and havn’t been able to the last few days.

I tried googling the issue but I havn’t found jack shit

It’s been about two weeks now since I got the last gym badge and could go to beat up the Elite four

But I havn’t because I have no clue what I want to have for my pokemon team
And because I’m having trouble deciding what to wear to go
and wonder trade/breeding keeps distracting me


Anybody want me to get certain pokemon to name after them to beat up the elite four? (Also suggestions for team? There’s so many damn pokemon now it’s overwhelming. The only one I know I’m going to have on my team for sure is my Blaziken, and I might keep on my Delphox)

Am I the only one who doesn’t get lost in Lumiose?

Though I guess it’s not that hard to understand why I don’t anymore, since I memorized the path for the lost woods in OoT, MM, and that maze you run through for the Mask of scents, after only a small handful of runs through

… But on the other hand, it took me about half a year to stop getting lost in the Undercity and finally remember how to get the hell out by finding the elevators… and I still get lost in the Exodar (Though finally getting better. Would probably help if I was there more)

You know what, nevermind. The brain is a pain in the ass

Considering the amount of people who ALL have the same idea of sending out ghastlys, Haunters, Pumpkaboo, and those tree things, I guess tomorrow would be a good time to maybe work on figuring out when my team is going to be to beat up the elite four. I’ve been putting it off because I have no clue what I want to use and just been breeding and wonder derping lately.
With the flood though of pokemon by the tons of people with the same ideas…. Yeah I don’t need any of those pokemon and I’d probably feel bad/annoyed that I would end up getting so many that evolved because I can’t cancel trade evolutions and then it’s just a waste.

From now on if anybody asks what kind of pokemon I want to see in Wonder trade or otherwise

My answer will be mudkip, until I get one

Because I want/need a mudkip

Give me your mudkips damnit

Unless there’s a block set up so you can’t trade with older pokemon games at all
There needs to be more pokemon that are harder to get
Like the other generation starters, for one

I wonder how many people I pissed off today but sending out my horde of pansage and simisages because they wern’t paying attention to see that they had Pokerus

I’m a pain in the ass. Yes I know. People throwing tantrums over getting certain kinds of pokemon and it gets hard to resist to mess with them a little