Considering the amount of people who ALL have the same idea of sending out ghastlys, Haunters, Pumpkaboo, and those tree things, I guess tomorrow would be a good time to maybe work on figuring out when my team is going to be to beat up the elite four. I’ve been putting it off because I have no clue what I want to use and just been breeding and wonder derping lately.
With the flood though of pokemon by the tons of people with the same ideas…. Yeah I don’t need any of those pokemon and I’d probably feel bad/annoyed that I would end up getting so many that evolved because I can’t cancel trade evolutions and then it’s just a waste.

From now on if anybody asks what kind of pokemon I want to see in Wonder trade or otherwise

My answer will be mudkip, until I get one

Because I want/need a mudkip

Give me your mudkips damnit

Unless there’s a block set up so you can’t trade with older pokemon games at all
There needs to be more pokemon that are harder to get
Like the other generation starters, for one

I wonder how many people I pissed off today but sending out my horde of pansage and simisages because they wern’t paying attention to see that they had Pokerus

I’m a pain in the ass. Yes I know. People throwing tantrums over getting certain kinds of pokemon and it gets hard to resist to mess with them a little

I kinda want to draw Dei and Kal as (probably human, unless people think it would be cool too to have pokemon in the wow universe rather than pokemon U versions) pokemon trainers

But I don’t know what pokemon they’d have for teams :Ia