I kinda want to draw Dei and Kal as (probably human, unless people think it would be cool too to have pokemon in the wow universe rather than pokemon U versions) pokemon trainers

But I don’t know what pokemon they’d have for teams :Ia


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Wonder Trade Etiquette:

  1. Send people the sort of Pokemon that you’d be happy to receive in return, like starters, version exclusives, Pokemon with a certain ability/gender/nature, that sort of thing!
  2. Don’t send common Pokemon like Flabebe or Bidoof unless there’s something interesting about them. How would you feel if you sent someone a female Squirtle and got a Bunnelby in return?
  3. Rude nicknames can be quite offensive to certain people, so if you really feel the need to call your Froakie an offensive name, try to refrain yourself from Wonder Trading it!
  4. If you get a really cool Pokemon, don’t forget to ‘Nice!’ the Trainer who sent it to you!

Feel free to add anything to this list!

While I agree with this mostly, I have to say for the “How would you feel if you sent someone a female Squirtle and got a Bunnelby in return?” thing. I send out squirtles fairly often lately, including quite a few females. I don’t usually get pokemon I want to keep, but I don’t rage about it either cause it was my choice to send them out in the first place and I don’t have that high of expectations for returns. It’s a random trade with random people so it’s a gamble. There are new people. There are people who get pokemon from new people and trade back out because in a way it’s an investment and in a way it sucks more to get a beginner pokemon and have to release it than to get a beginner and just retrade it and hope something more useful shows up. Retrading helps negate the loss somewhat because still a chance for cooler things. Releasing is a total loss, so makes sense most people wouldn’t want to, even with low expectations of what they may get in return.
Less a big deal for me since my boxes are just about packed anyways from breeding and trading. I still spend a lot of time retrading pokemon while paying minimal attention/half-asleep, even retrading starters because I have all the currently available ones and nobody seems to be putting out shit like mudkips, chikoritas, and other other gen starters yet.
Though I admit probably a good idea to stop doing that because the other day I ended up catching myself retrading pokemon with really bad nicknames and being too late to cancel the trade and release so people ended up with them anyways x-x

I’m starting to wonder if the game isn’t letting people trade pokemon to xy from the old games
I still need to find my platinum for my old team and pokemon. Oh man, that’s going to be fun for breeding and trading
But damnit I want a mudkip now *sob*

And on another note, this is mostly common sense anyways. I was giving people “nice”s before people said I should be as a thanks. I trades out beginner pokemon when I first started wonder trade because I wasn’t that far and just discovered it and hey could build my pokedex and find useful pokemon I likely wouldn’t have otherwise, and now I send out starters and other wanted pokemon. If people are dicks and going to be naming pokemon shitty things to send out, they’re going to do it, etiquette be damned

Used my crappy webcam for it, so good enough
Because I feel like sharing

They don’t give you a whole lot of options though to start out with :I

Text you probably can’t see is
"It’s… it’s here!"
"That’s right!"
"Force of chaos, born of the world’s hopes!"
"Kal is here to stay!"

So I got a Skorupi and I want to name is Skorpickle so badly and it’s ridiculous, but I can’t name it because wonder trade
Guess gonna be the next thing for breeding