Oh look I actually drew something instead of dicking around

But I can’t upload it because it’s for the secret santa troll thing

and it’s 6.30am and I’m gonna pass the fuck out now so I’m not pissed off and cranky whenever mom drags me out for finding out what’s wrong with the car (The right wheel is making weird noises that speed up the faster it goes)
Though I’m probably going to be pissed off anyways because it’s freezing outside and I don’t wanna deal with that. I just want to hide under the covers with the little space heater going full blast

Maybe I’ll be able to keep my drawing motivation after I wake up :Ia (Probably not, knowing me)

But damn fuzzy trolls are hard to do
I need to learn to draw fur/fuzz better because shit

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on a srs note though i fucking love animal comparisons for characters so tell me yours please

question mark for answers enabling ?

Dei would either be a Russian Blue or a Deer
Because she’s smaller and more delicately built, tends to be more reserved and nervous around strangers, but more affectionate and playful with people she likes, and she likes spending a lot of time with her favorite people. She can get kind of clingy to certain people (like Zwami) and follow them around. Dei’s likes routines and doesn’t like sudden, no warning changes, and she can be obnoxiously neat with her living space and gets upset if her “nest” gets messy or anything gets moved without permission. She can entertain herself easily enough and is fine with being alone most the time, but still pretty dependent on others. She loves people watching and can be entertained by doing that for hours (even when it creeps others out). She’s also skittish/high-strung, quick to panic, and insecure (More about her own abilities than looks). It can be hard to predict how she’d react to most situations (One day she could just be anxious around a problem, another she could get aggressive, and other she could end up crying or running around)

Kal would be a Staffordshire Bull terrier (Breed I use for features with Kal’s worgen form),  Wild Dog or a Badger
Shorter and powerfully built, dominating personality, rarely backs down in a confrontation with people unless they’re considered good friends, not much of a leader (She feels uncomfortable in the position most the time, but she’ll get irritated if she feels the leader isn’t doing what she expects them to be), competitive but also prizes teamwork. Energetic and usually restless. Loves traveling and adventuring. Friendly, loving, protective (especially of children), Sociable and loves hanging out with her “pack”/people/friends, usually getting moody and depressed when the “pack”  starts to drift apart. Somewhat overly protective of friends and family and not afraid to put herself in between them and what she may feel is a threat (no matter what it is). She needs a lot of freedom, but she also hates being alone for longer periods of time (As she feels she’s had enough of that as a child, and she’s got a fear of abandonment). She’s friendly enough with strangers, but has a habit of being a bit more aggressive towards other worgen (meaning she’s got a shorter temper/less patience with any less-than-friendly actions or words or certain kinds of behaviors if she doesn’t know them. There’s been times she’s snapped at worgen she didn’t know well just for something like *walking* on all fours, sniffing at people they didn’t know, hanging out as a worgen “too much” and “acting too much like an animal”). She can be absolutely vicious in a fight.
She also has a problem with heat/over-heating easily and why she prefers cooler weather and climates.

And Kieira would be a Snake
I can’t really think of anything else she may be because nothing else is really jumping out at me
But Ki is small, shy (more so than she lets on), insecure, and tries to keep a low profile to avoid a much disapprovement and confrontation as she can, but when she does have someone get in her face she can be sharp and vicious with her words and isn’t afraid to strike someone if physically threatened (Be it a frost or unholy spell of some type)if needed. She’s pretty much resigned to what she thinks her position in life is, since she’s not only a half-elf but a death knight, so she’s got no expectations of getting any breaks in life.

And Cardea is an otter.
Generally positive, friendly, sociable, easily distracted or obsessively focused on problems, hedonistic, usually a dedicated worker unless something doesn’t interest her and then she can be aloof and lazy, and likes to work with her hands and with people.

I have other characters like Kegaisu, Lakao, Nearia, Janble, Kitden, Tac’opo, Veliaruna, Niraali, Armida, Ornella, and some other characters I’m too tired to remember off the top of my head, but that’d end up a long ass list… so yeah

Don’t get me wrong, the garrison idea is really awesome

But I would still like to be able to have my own house/customize it
Do they have houses in the Garrison thing, or is it just making your own mini towns with just profession stuff and an inn (That I’m guessing we won’t get to customize and will just be default inn designs)?

Does anyone want to do Serpentshrine Cavern with me sometime this week or weekend? I need the Runetotem Mantle for a transmog.

It’d have to be between 1/2pm-5/6pm (or latest 7pm) wra time if during the week, but just about any time on fridays and saterdays

Not sure how well I can do running through on my own on my 86/87 druid

Also looking for someone who can make a rosethorn staff

Am I the only one who doesn’t get lost in Lumiose?

Though I guess it’s not that hard to understand why I don’t anymore, since I memorized the path for the lost woods in OoT, MM, and that maze you run through for the Mask of scents, after only a small handful of runs through

… But on the other hand, it took me about half a year to stop getting lost in the Undercity and finally remember how to get the hell out by finding the elevators… and I still get lost in the Exodar (Though finally getting better. Would probably help if I was there more)

You know what, nevermind. The brain is a pain in the ass

I kinda want to draw Dei and Kal as (probably human, unless people think it would be cool too to have pokemon in the wow universe rather than pokemon U versions) pokemon trainers

But I don’t know what pokemon they’d have for teams :Ia


Looking for music suggestions for one of my warcraft characters

More specifically Dei’fon (Aka Panic Cat)
Not like theme song kind of thing so much, but like music playlist to listen to when rping/running around doing shit on her
And man, it’s harder than I thought. Most the music I have doesn’t seem to fit so wondering if anyone else listens to artists/songs that they think may work well for a troll (who’s a druid, has anxiety problems and panics easily, and also cries a lot and is scared of a lot of shit but at the same time is still trying to work on these problems and become at least a decent druid).