If/when you’re a parent, at what age would you kids be when you give the sex talk? How would you give it?

…. I dunno, youngish? My mom never gave me or my brothers a sex talk. We never had issues with peer pressure or really showed any interest in sex. Hell, never even had girlfriends or boyfriends until we were older anyways. Younger brother still never had a girlfriend and he’s 18. Doesn’t show much interest in it either. Older brother’s the one who ended up the one most interested in sex but he always has condoms anyways (I should know, he used to give me some when I went on camping trips with friends, or went to an anime convention, or a concert, or wherever else that may have ended up with me staying over somewhere other than at home.). My mom went to school for medical stuff and usually if we had questions about something she’d have us go through her books for the answers. Of course the sex-related stuff was in there too, so pretty much we learned about sex-related stuff through the science and medical explanations.
Most likely this is how any kids of mine would learn too

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